About us


High responsibility to customers. Successful cooperation with larger Polish window manufacturers. Why Poland?

Poland is the largest manufacturer of windows in the world.

This will allow you to find a good price, because in Poland there is more profitable labor, cheaper electricity, reduced taxes on factories. On a daily basis, factories with incomprehensible volumes give us the fact that it helps the customer to reduce the final price.

Window factories today do not lose quality, because the most modern and robotic equipment reduces the percentage of defects,faults to a minimum.

This is one of the reasons why we are always able to offer a good offer to the customer. This allows our customer to choose PVC, aluminum and wooden windows at reasonable and affordable prices.

New windows allow you to save heat energy from day one, which you will definitely appreciate in the long run.



A company with a professional team who gives customers get the highest quality PVC, aluminum and wooden windows at a lower price than elsewhere or an similar price offer.



A professional team that aims to create the friendliest, most prosperous work environment for employees so that they can pass on their well-being, positivity and professionalism to clients.

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