Wood, PVC or aluminium – which window profiles materials have the highest strength and safety??

Wood, PVC or aluminium – which window profiles materials have the highest strength and safety??

High-quality windows not only provide protection and security, but also create a good microclimate and a sense of comfort. Nowadays, when PVC and aluminium are widely used in the production of window profiles in addition to wood, consumer understanding of the functional and physical properties of these materials is especially important. Knowledge and the ability to orientate in the range of window offers help to avoid the purchase of low-quality and unsuitable products, thus not creating unnecessary risks to home safety and living conditions. The strength and quality of window profiles depend not only on the type of raw material chosen, but also on the technologies used in production and material processing. It would be wrong to say that only plastic, wooden or aluminium windows are the most durable. Each of the materials has its own individual advantages, so a lot of things depend on the specification of the object and the consumer’s wishes. 

PVC windows are still the most common
Although in the past the windows were mostly made only of wood, nowadays the most common are plastic windows. The reason for this is the relatively low price and easy installation. Tempting costs, however, do not always meet all the expectations. In terms of price, the most affordable plastic windows are often low energy efficiency, which can cause inconveniences in the cold months of the year. Purchasing PVC windows, it is important to pay attention to the number of compartments or chambers in the window profile – the more chambers, the higher the resistance of the profiles to mechanical deformations and frost. Windows with three to four chamber profiles are suitable for the Latvian climate conditions. The compartments in the glazing unit also perform a similar function. The freer air gaps the glazing contains, the more noise-resistant and energy-efficient it is. At the same time, it should be noted that windows with a multi-chamber profile and double-glazed windows will also be more expensive. The cost of windows is also affected by the quality of window fittings and lock systems used. 

Wooden windows – a solution for those for whom traditional values matter
People who care about ecology and traditional values ​​often choose wooden windows instead of PVC windows. In addition to the natural look of the wood texture, the advantage of wooden windows is also almost unlimited possibilities of material processing – it is possible to make windows of almost any size. Similarly, wood as a material is much more energy efficient than plastic. Wooden windows equipped with multi-chamber glazing will not only create a cosy atmosphere in the premises, but will also have a positive effect on the total energy consumption. Although the price of such windows is relatively higher, the installation of wooden windows will pay off in the long run at the expense of housing costs. In recent years, windows made of glued wooden slats or lamellas have gained great popularity. Compared to solid wood, windows made of slats have a higher strength of the profiles, and they are also more stable. Good windows also have good window fittings. In order to get a higher profit margin, specialists of no scruples often tend to cheat with the installation of quality fittings, so before buying windows it is recommended to try the window sash thoroughly – open and close several times in different modes, check all fastenings, seals and handles. 

Aluminium windows – easy treatment and long-term strength of profiles
Although the strength of the profiles for good wooden windows and aluminium windows is similar, the biggest advantage of light metal is its sustainability and convenient treatment. Of course, this is also reflected in the price, but the owner of the house can be sure that the installation of such windows will last for a lifetime (they do not rust and do not deform under the influence of weather conditions). There are also aluminium windows with thermal insulating gaskets available on the market, which provide recognized energy efficiency.As already mentioned, good windows are characterized not only by the type of raw materials, but also by proven window fittings and reliable lock systems. The company SIA Eirodurvis offers only tested, high-quality PVC, wooden and aluminium windows and at an affordable price. Find out more on the website www.eirologi.lv.

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