High quality windows from Poland – how do we get a competitive price?

High quality windows from Poland – how do we get a competitive price?

Quality comes at a cost – it is a common and self-evident business practice around the world that is based on determining the cost of goods and services on the basis of their production cost. Higher quality usually means that more sophisticated raw materials are used in the production process of the products, they are processed more thoroughly and more complicated. However, at the same time, you should bear in mind that consumers will always be interested in buying a quality product at the lowest possible price. Nowadays, the price is often the crucial factor for products of similar quality, so the winners are those producers and traders who are able to offer buyers a product of a high quality but at affordable price. This basic economic model has been successfully used in its business for several years by the company SIA Eirodurvis, which offers customers high-quality windows made in Poland, but at a price that is competitive not only in the Latvian but also in the European market.  

Why choose exactly the Polish windows? 
The answer is really simple – because Poland is the largest manufacturer of windows in the world. The companies that operate in this sector have huge production capacities. For comparison, if in Latvia one window manufacturing company produces, on average, several tens of windows per day, then in Poland this number is measured in thousands. Producing such big volumes, all materials are purchased in much larger volumes at a relatively lower price. In addition, large Polish factories produce not only window panes, but also profiles. Although PVC and aluminium windows are made in Latvia, practically none of the local companies produce window profiles. Profiles are purchased ready-made, and most often at low prices and questionable quality, in order to compete with the cost of the final product. Exceptions are wooden windows, the profiles of which are quite widely produced also in Latvia. Windows from Poland are different in that they are provided with a full production cycle and quality control at every stage of production.

Robotic production with high added value
Although the production capacity of Polish companies is incredible, the most modern and innovative production equipment is used in the production of windows, which is mostly fully automated. For comparison, one of the Polish factories, which produces several thousand windows a day, employs only a few tens of people. This production approach also guarantees unenviable accuracy up to a tenth of a millimetre – practically all aluminium, wooden or PVC windows are in ideal size without any defects. Production capacities also allow to diversify products – with the help of powerful robotic equipment, window profiles are made in various design, shape and colour variations, offering the customer an almost individualized product. Windows from Poland in large factories are additionally subject to careful quality control, thus achieving an even higher quality end result. 

What else makes windows from Poland so competitive? Windows from Poland are competitive not only because of high production and quality standards, but also relatively low production, labor and other economic costs. A very important factor is the tax policy used in the country, which is more friendly than in Latvia and other European countries. Also, Poland has lower electricity consumption costs. As a result, the total production costs of factories producing wooden, aluminium and plastic windows are a lot lower than in other European countries. This is another factor why Polish windows are so demanded and competitive. In order to offer high quality at an affordable price to its customers, the company SIA Eirodurvis has been working with the largest Polish window manufacturers for several years. PVC, wooden and aluminium windows from Poland can be seen on the company’s website www.eirologi.lv.

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